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Radio Broadcasting in the Internet Platform and services for organizing Internet broadcasting
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Internet broadcasting for radio stations

Reliable option
Options of use
Non-live Internet broadcasting (reliable option).
Non-live Internet broadcasting with pseudo-live broadcasts.

Designed for
organizing Internet broadcasting at the current radio station (for example, the one carrying out FM broadcasting), where there is all the necessary equipment.

Sustainable and fail-safe broadcasting, which does not depend on the state of communication channels for audio stream transmission to the Internet.

Operation scheme

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An on-air server periodically accesses the client’s station for receiving the audio stream and schedule, in order to send them to the broadcasting server for broadcasting. The on-air and broadcasting servers are in one local network. There is constant connection between them.
As a result, Internet broadcasting of your radio station is carried out without interruptions and does not depend on the faults in the connection channels between your studio and our infrastructure.

The number of concurrently connected users in not limited.

The IceCast software, installed on the broadcasting server, carries out distribution of the audio stream to the listeners and provides technical possibility of listening to Internet radio for all Internet users.

The Digispot II DDB Agent, software, installed on the on-air server, carries out automatic transmission of prepared schedule and audio stream, including pseudo-broadcasts, from the client’s radio equipment (station) to the broadcasting server.

Specifications of the on-air server: 1 core processor Intel i5, 2048 MB RAM, 200 GB HDD, OS Windows Web Server 2008.

Complex of equipment and services
(structure of the solution)

Broadcasting serverBroadcasting server with
Digispot II DDB agent
StatisticsTech support
Rental tariffs4 500 rubles a month (rent)FOR FREEFOR FREE

You provide

  • audio stream, ready for distribution in the Internet;
  • audio materials and make-up of schedule.

You can use the calculator to calculate the total cost of the solution.
Time of deployment – 24 hours.

Internet broadcasting for radio stations

Internet broadcasting for radio stations

Independent Internet broadcasting

Independent Internet broadcasting