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Radio Broadcasting in the Internet Platform and services for organizing Internet broadcasting
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Internet broadcasting for radio stations

Economical option
Options of use
Live Internet broadcasting.
Non-live Internet broadcasting (economical option).

Designed for
organizing Internet broadcasting at the current radio station
(for example, the one with FM broadcasting) with all necessary equipment.

Economical and simple solution for organizing Internet broadcasting.

Operation scheme

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The audio stream from you radio station’s infrastructure is directed to the broadcasting server.

IceCast software, installed at the broadcasting server, is transmitting audio stream to the audience without impairment of broadcasting quality and provides technical possibility for listening of Internet radio by any Internet users. The amount of concurrently connected users is not limited.

Complex of equipment and services
(structure of the solution)

Broadcasting serverStatisticsTech support
Tariffs for the rentFOR FREEFOR FREE

An audio stream, ready for broadcasting in the Internet.

The cost of the solution is formed only from the chosen tariff for the rent of the broadcasting server.

See the tariffs here or use the calculator.

Time of deployment – 24 hours.

Internet broadcasting for radio stations

Internet broadcasting for radio stations

Independent Internet broadcasting

Independent Internet broadcasting