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How much it costs to create and maintain a radio station

Major expenses relating to creation and maintenance of a radio station include:

1. Content:

First, it is necessary to determine the type of a radio station – music, music and talk, or talk radio station. It is important to understand that the more author shows you have, the more expensive is creation and further maintenance of the radio station.

The quality of author shows also may be different. You may do it on your own, order from third-party cast and so on. It is difficult to assess the cost in such case.

1.1. When it comes to music radio station, the major expenses are related to purchasing of music base and payments to Russian Author Society and Russian Organization for Intellectual Property. Minimum 15 000 rubles a month will be spent on buying music bases and payments to Russian Author Society and Russian Organization for Intellectual Property.

1.2. In case of music and talk radio station, the expenses will be like in p. 1.1., and also expenses on preparing author shows (if you will do it on your own, you will evaluate the costs on your own; with external cast – from 50 000 rubles a month; a lower price is also possible, but in such case there will be few broadcasts or their quality will be not satisfying).

1.3. Completely talk radio station – there are no payments to author societies and for music base, but expenses on creating or buying author content increases by many times. Professional talk radio station spends from 1 000 000 rubles a month on creation of author content.

1.4. Music and talk radio station, with purchasing of franchise on shows or author broadcasts, is a rather new type, when you buy non-exclusive rights for a show or a broadcast, and it is broadcasted on several radio stations. To this moment, only several author teams in Russia offer their broadcasts (shows) under such scheme. You will also have to buy music bases and do payments to author societies for music, see p. 1.1.

2. Technical and accompanying expenses:

2.1. Creation of introductions, cutoffs, and jingles – from 50 000 rubles on a one time basis; may be cheaper when hiring freelancers.

2.2. Initial programming of playlists – from 15 000 rubles on a one time basis; it is possible to learn how to do it on your own.

2.3. Development of a website, a player – from 100 000 rubles on a one time basis.

2.4. Rent of on-air and broadcasting software – from 8 000 rubles per month; or partial purchase.

2.5. Promotion of the radio (of the radio, not the website) – from 50 000 rubles a month; we recommend to order for two months minimum.

2.6. If live broadcasts or recording of author shows is planned, it will be necessary to buy equipment (and/or) rent of the studio – equipment can be bought for the amount of money from 50 000 rubles (of household purpose) to 1 000 000 (prof). 300 000 rubles is a sum to count upon. Studio rent will cost from 400 rubles per hour, without soundman. Equipment of the studio on turn-key terms will cost from 1 200 000 rubles.

2.7. Analytics, adjustment of the grid and so on – are priceless, or a specialist can be hired for an amount from 80 000 rubles a month.

160 000 or 100 000 rubles altogether will be needed monthly.