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Radio Broadcasting in the Internet Platform and services for organizing Internet broadcasting
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We offer

Equipment (for rent)

  • broadcasting server
  • on-air server
  • with software:

    • for automatic broadcasting according to the prepared schedule -Digispot II Jinn Internet Broadcasting
    • for programming of music broadcasting -Digispot II Magician
    • for sharing schedules and audio materials – Digispot II DDB agent


  • radio hosting
  • statistics of listeners
  • technical support
  • hosting
  • development of a player for websites and Android/ Apple/Windows mobile platforms
  • decoding of streams

Configuration of equipment and software depends on the Internet broadcast method.
For more details see solutions.

Designed for

  • broadcasting in the Internet for FM radio stations;
  • broadcasting of radio stations;
  • corporate radio in the Internet;
  • those wishing to create an independent thematic channel in the Internet on the basis of existing radio station;
  • those wishing to create their own radio in the Internet.

Internet Broadcast Methods

For those who have radio equipment (existing radio stations)For those who do not have radio equipment or radio stations, but who want to create an independent thematic channel in the Internet
live internet broadcastingautomatic Internet broadcasting
(basic option)
non-live internet broadcasting
(economical or reliable option)
automatic Internet broadcasting with programming of music broadcast (advanced option)
non-live Internet broadcasting with pseudo-live broadcasts

Each broadcast method has its corresponding solution concerning equipment and software used.

For more details see solutions or click on the method.


For online broadcasting, broadcast formation, and content storage, reliable server equipment of authority brands is used. The servers are hosted in “A” class data centers of Russia, Germany, Finland and USA.

Backup power supply, Internet access, cooling and protection are provided in these data centers, and this ensures high degree of equipment’s fault-tolerance.

Daily data backup is performed.


Broadcasting, broadcast programming is performed using specialized software DigispotII , which is widely used in Russia and Europe.

DigispotII is a constructor, allowing to construct an individual system of radio broadcasting automation, most suitable for each particular radio station.

We use this software under the partner agreement with the Tract developer company.

Technical support

Technical support provides:

Broadcast monitoring is performed by means of software with immediate notification about all detected failures. The faults are corrected immediately.

The technical support works on 24-hour basis and is provided FOR FREE.


Statistics is information about the number of Internet radio listeners. It is provided in the form of reports, the access to which is available in real time mode. The reports contain the following data:

  • total number of listeners by days and hours;
  • the number of users who have listened a particular musical composition;
  • software used by the audience;
  • at what territory the listening took place;
  • with what resources the listening took place.

Statistics review is made from a personal account, which will be created for you by us after signing the agreement. If necessary, you may attach external statistics.

Statistics is included into all solutions and is provided FOR FREE.

More information about our RADIOSTATISTICA service.


As extra services/options for radio hosting we offer the following:



All above-listed works are performed upon the license for telecommunication services